Since the dawn of Barsoomian civilization, the inhabitants have proven masters over their domain, shaping their environment to their needs with ingenuity and force of will. With the current tremulous state of the planet, human and resource development at their peak, nature has taken its own course: shaping rare and random individuals with abilities beyond those of normal Barsoomians (see entry for Transmutation). For the good of civilization, these individuals must have their gods-given powers put to use by the state in whatever form required, with or without their initial consent. Be they in industry, in security, in exploration or in the gladiatorial games, it is the duty of all citizens, including these extra-humans, to sacrifice for Barsoom; their greater potential simply demands an equally great sacrifice. As such, any extra-human complicit in crimes against the state, including gladiatorial games fixing (see entry for Underworld) will be treated to the severest of punishment.